Hair Chronicles; My new Journey

17 Mar


So, I’ve decided to let me hair grow out a bit sans relaxer! Yes, me, the self-proclaimed “creamy-crack” queen! I’ve been enjoying my VIP membership as a part of the #shorthairrocks club for almost 5 years, and relaxers have been a necessity for me!  But I’ve  admittedly  become quite inspired by all of the curly dos displayed by those with natural hair.  I personally don’t care to wear my hair in an afro, or twists; however, I love a good curl, and  I honestly just wanted to try something different! So my transition is purely exploratory in nature! I am not an expert, nor am I against the use of relaxers. In fact, I still relax the “beadebees” on my neck! I also straighten my hair. So if you are looking for some deep reason, you won’t find it here. I am simply a girl, trying new things and discovering what works best for her hair :-)!

 It has been about 6 months since I last relaxed the crown of my head, and about 3 months for the sides. I know it hasn’t been long at all, but the curls I’ve been rocking  have gained so much attention over the past few weeks,  I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been doing to get that curly effect as I transition!

18409385My hair products! Currently using and loving them all!

IMG951156_11) I start by washing my hair. I currently use Dr. Miracles Conditioning Shampoo and Mizani “Moisturfuse” conditioner. I let the conditioner sit for about 10-15 minutes, before rinsing. My scalp always feels amazing!

PhotoFancie2014_03_17_12_22_572)  I spray my entire head with TRESemme’s Thermal creations, before molding. Then I set my hair and sit under the dryer for 20-30 mins. (I’ve learned that setting my entire head works best, but in the picture above, I only set my sides). Next, I apply Olive Oil’s Heat Protection Serum, before using  a 1 inch flat iron to straighten the top.

IMG9511703) With the same flat iron, I quickly add some curls all over.  This makes pin-curling so much easier! 

PhotoFancie2014_03_17_12_38_104) Go crazy with my PIN CURLS! I usually do my hair at night so that  by the time I wake up to leave the house my curls are poppin’ into action :-)

And there you have it! Curls galore!

I absolutely love my hair and all of its curly glory.  The most challenging part is actually the washing/setting process. It is definitely much easier with relaxed hair, but the bright side is that  I use about 90% less heat on my hair in between washes, and my curls hold up in the gym #win.   My journey is still very new, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me :-)!

Are you natural? Are you relaxed? What are your hair goals? What are your challenges?

 Comment below, I would  love to hear from you!

Keep it stylish,


P.S. Pictures proudly taken with my Razr M :-P

I been drinkin’… I been drinkin’

26 Feb

I am now the proud owner of  the NutriBullet!! 

(One of the best decisions I’ve made on this journey of healthy living.)

The NutriBullet is one of the most fantastic little machines. It is known for its ability to extract the nutrition from fruits and veggies (and other foods), and blend it all together to provide the max amount of nourishment. You literally just add some leafy greens, the fruit of your choice, a splash of water and the NutriBullet takes care of the rest (#Pow)! If you want to make a post-workout protein shake, or perhaps soup for dinner, the process is just as simple!  All the nutrients are there! You drink it all (and it’s yummy)! 

My first experience with the NutriBullet took place a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I drank nothing but natural liquids for 7 whole days! It was difficult at times; however,  the benefits made it all worth it! We had more energy, felt more productive, and  just felt so clean overall! It was almost as if an internal cleanse had taken place! My workouts were more productive, I felt mentally more focused, and I even noticed my stomach getting flatter (#win).  

I love this thing, and will tell of its benefits to all who will listen!  But whatever you do, whether you juice, use the NutriBullet, or simple eat your food…


you are what we eat (drink)!


Keep it stylishly healthy,


**Comment below for my fav recipes or post yours :-)

Confessions of a “Youtube-aholic” (Product Junkie)

13 Feb

*Products of my addiction*

A few months ago, I discovered a new world on YouTube created by some very fabulous ladies! Aspiring MUAs, Pro MUAs, Stylists, hair specialists and the like all posting and sharing tips and secrets that every woman could ever want to know! Secrets like how to color match foundation, to finding the right eye shadow combination…all the way to how flip your wrist just right to get that perfect “C” curl (Lawd knows I’m a sucker for a good curl lol)! It was all there! Free tutorials, free advice, free truth!  It was wonderful… until it wasn’t.  I slowly found myself putting much more emphasis on the external , without paying much mind to how it was affecting my personal view of myself! I was constantly searching, wanting and worrying about how to be “perfect”. Literally.

“Are my brows right?”

“Do my lashes look full, like theirs?”

“Does my foundation match?”

“Lip color! Oh Lawd, I need lip color!”

Things were slowly getting out of control! Days spent worrying, nights spent searching! I needed more truth from my “girlfriends”. It became an unacknowledged addiction!  An addiction that wasn’t brought to light  until my wonderful man ever so sweetly asked “Why do you have all these products?”  I looked at the open storage shelves  in my bathroom, to which he made reference, filled with countless bottles of creams, wands. and potions. I didn’t have a good answer for him. I was speechless at the sight!   This moment changed my entire perception!

It was the proverbial smack that brought me back to the lovely reality I once knew!

I enjoy my beauty products, and will continue to use them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for new techniques to improve your skills, nor with testing and trying new products.  However, I promised myself, from that moment on, not to let it take over my life nor take away from my being able to see my true beauty! No more obsessing! Perfection isn’t found in cosmetics or in having a “flawlessly” beat face, although it looks fabulous!  It is found  in embracing and being, unapologetically, you!  And that, ladies,  is to be celebrated!

This is my confession <3

Keep it stylish,

Stylreesta xoxo

NO! WAIT! SAVE THEM!! (A D.I.Y for old earrings)

21 Aug

So I was cleaning my room today and came across one of my favorite pairs of earrings! I wore them on my cruise to Jamaica…unfortunately they weren’t treated so well by the elements! (maybe I was a bad accessories mommy for letting them become “damaged goods” lol)! Anyway,  as I slumped to the trashcan to throw them away, I glanced to my right, and the glistening of my gold glitter polish caught my eye (LOL)!! It was almost as if my little baby earrings were screaming and their “ram in the bush” suddenly appeared!!

Well, enough with the dramatics… here’s what I did:

Step 1:

Start with a really sad pair of earrings.


Step 2:

Get a really great polish that will show up nice and sparkly

(Depending on the extent of the tarnish, you may also need a base color)


Step 3:

Start by spot painting the most tarnished areas, and let dry

Then, depending on your desired sparkle, add 1-2 additional coats.


Here is what it looks like before (right) and after (left)!


Step 5 paint both, let dry, and ENJOY!

As an added tip, top with a coat of clear for additional protection and shine!*


Just imagine how much fun you can have with a little polish and old costume jewelry (Animal prints, aztec inspired designs ..etc)

Don’t toss it those earrings, tap into your creative side, and make something amazing!!

And as always, remember to Keep it Stylish

~StylReesta xoxo

*Using clear fingernail polish is a great way to preserve your costume jewelry and keep from tarnishing (A huge thank you and shout out to “Fifi the Great” (aka my mommy) for that great tip)

Happy New Year

4 Jan

2012 was definitely a great year for me. Not because it was perfect, but because I truly lived a full life! With everything that I accomplished, the mistakes that I made (and man, did I make a lot of mistakes), I learned so much! From making my huge move to the DMV, to accepting a new position (that I love), all the way to my car accident…through all the love, heartache, tears and great times of laughter… I can honestly say I have no regrets!  


I am so convinced that 2013 will be another great year. I’m ready to live, learn, grow, accomplish, laugh until it hurts and love with everything I’ve got!  I will not allow anything or anyone stop me!! I’m putting my faith to the test, and am looking forward to how my life will unfold to the glory of God! 


I pray the same for you! Let’s make this year the best one yet…full of purpose!

Keep it stylish,


The Culinary “Dabblist”

31 Oct

I am in no way a gourmet chef; however, I do dabble occasionally in the culinary arts! With that being said,  I just wanted to share a little recipe with you all that I thought turned out so well! I call them..

“BBQ Salmon Cakes”!


What you’ll need:

12 oz of pink or red salmon (or half fillet de-boned)
1 egg
1/4 cup of chopped green peppers
BBQ sauce (a healthy “squeezeful”…I love A1)
Some onions (if u have any)
Dash of soul food seasoning
Healthy Dash of pepper
Dash of crushed red peppers (my favorite)
1/4 cup of oatmeal

Directions :

mix all ingredients in bowl with hands (that’s how I do it).

Make into desirably sized patties.

Pan fry with olive oil glaze…

or fry like fried chicken..fill pan with vegetable oil to 1/4 of the pan.

Cook each side for about 3 mins (keep heat on med-low)

And enjoy!

Let me know what you think!! :-)

Keep it Stylish while you cook!

Stylreesta xoxo

Photo-Op Gone Bad (A Personal Lesson)

21 Sep

This evening, I spent my entire drive home from DC (about 55 mins) trying to figure out why I had fallen victim to self-destructive criticism on this very lovely evening!

You see, I went out to meet up with some of my fav gals for a DC Fashion Week event. This particular event wasn’t quite what we had expected; however, I strongly believe that the saving grace for any event is taking loads of great pics to capture the moment!  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case (at least in my eyes).

As photogenic as I like to say I am, one picture after another, I just WAS NOT satisfied! In one picture  it was my hair, in the other it was my over shined face (lol), in another it just wasn’t my “good side”…and the list kept going!  I was totally frustrated and it didn’t help that I thought my friends looked flawless! #RealTalk

In most instances, I simply avoid the camera for the rest of the evening and keep it moving. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this time and my self-destructive spiral downhill continued! It started out so innocent with a laugh or two here and there, but I took it too far!  I just wouldn’t shut up about those pictures!! That was until my amazing new friend stopped me and said,  “You’re being way too critical right now…”.  OMG! Can I just tell you, that was like the most refreshing slap in the face!!  Seriously, why was I beating myself up and allowing a few “not so great” pics to ruin my night, my mood and my self value? (It may sound deep, but that’s exactly what I was doing to a small degree.)   

Needless to say, I got my act together, and realized that the pics weren’t even that horrible. Don’t get me wrong! I still wouldn’t say that any one of them is my favorite, but that doesn’t mean I have the right to use them to encourage and/or validate my self-destructive behavior!  

With that being said, 

when faced with a less than stellar photo of myself,

I totally vow to NEVER allow myself to SLUMP so low again!

If anything I will laugh, (ask for it to be deleted) and will MOVE ON!  

It’s not the end of the world! 


(a pic from this evening!)

Embrace your beauty

& Keep it Stylish,

Stylreesta xoxo

“Nudey Hues”

9 Jul

A few months back I was challenged to play up one of my most desirable features… my lips! I love my lips for sure, but I’ve always been a bit nervous about wearing lip color! I often took the easy way out and just used lip moisturizer to seal the deal.  Of course there is nothing wrong with simply using lip moisturizer. Actually, it should be an essential component to your daily routine. However, In my case, I wasn’t daring to do something different. So, I finally decided to twist things up a little bit, and have been using  two spectacular “Nudey Hues” that are worth sharing :-)

1. Origins Liquid Lip Color in “Juicy Details”: Subtle rosy tint, that gives me a “barely there” sensation. Fully infused with Rich Rice Bran Oil, Aloe and Vitamin E soothe , and  Mint leaves! My lips always feel soothed and amazing *Find at your nearest Macy’s :-)*

2.  MAC LIPGLASS in “Revealing”:  Slightly lighter than my normal lip color, giving me the chic and sultry  appeal I was hoping for! I was nervous at first. I didn’t want that “dry lip” looking color. Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about (LOL)! Thankfully this was a success (wearing in intro photo), and has been added to my cosmetics bag for good :-)

So tell me, what colors work for you? Do you like the bold and bright, or the light and free? 

Whatever you do, remember to keep your lips stylishly moisturized,

Stylreesta xoxo

** Intro Photo of  me wearing:  Blistex “Silk and Shine” + MAC LIPGLASS “Revealing” =Perfection <3

Music to Motivate

7 May

I am not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj or “Ri Ri”, but this song hits (every time)**

Happy Monday!!

Enjoy <3

*Thanks  loriandleigh for posting :)


TODAY is the most magnificent day to do the


-StylReesta xoxo

**Please excuse the edited curse**

Three Months Later…

19 Apr

***Three months later***

Let me start by letting you know just how excited I am about all the wonderful things that have occurred over the past three months. I’m geeked! I’ve taken some time away to focus on my immediate career, and have made great moves with my company. I set my eyes on the prize,  worked hard, attained exceptional results and… BOOM! I’ve been promoted, and am now in Northern, Va doing my thing!  My life is shaping up quite nicely, and for that I am forever grateful!

As your adventures continue and shape the outcome of your life,  there are three very important things that I urge you to always keep in mind; three things that I’ve learned to keep near and dear on my wonderful  journey:

1. Don’t confuse (a/one’s/your) flawless execution of mediocrity for growth and success: Always strive for excellence! Discover new ways to refine your skills and achieve new levels of expertise.

2. Listen… to Live and Learn: Surround yourself with people going in the same direction, and listen intently!  Put THE MOST IMPORTANT sense to work!

3. Be thankful, Always:  Never forget who gave you the strength and  the ability to do wonders here on this great earth. My Heavenly Father has blessed each of us with great gifts and talents.  When those talents lead us to the places of greatness, we must always and humbly say “thank You”!!  For it is not in our own strength, but because of Him that we succeed! 

Live the life; Keep it Stylish,

Stylreesta xoxo


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