Root of the Issue

5 Dec

Yesterday, I had a root canal!

I had a dental crown put in place to fix a hairline fracture…blah, blah, blah! Over the past few Weeks, I had been experiencing a great deal of pain, which I assumed was normal, until it became unbearable. It got to the point that my everyday activities suffered, and I felt myself slip into a mini depression!  My life flashed before my eyes.

I called and gave the receptionist a taste of my dramatics (most tastefully)! She had no choice, but to bring me in for an emergency visit, during which I was informed that I would need to have an emergency root canal to avoid infection! Unfortunately, I was a part of the 20% of people who suffer from “irreversible inflammation” resulting in the need to have a root canal, and if left untreated could lead to my needing an extraction (losing my tooth completely).  

As the dentist began to work, I had a revelation about life…

Many of us are walking around with unresolved issues in our hearts! like the pain from my tooth, We’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that this disruptive pain is “normal” and simply “a part of life”.   We’ve allowed the destructive roots of  Jealousy, regret, FEAR, loneliness, unforgiveness, and anger to settle in our hearts, not even realizing that if left untreated will lead to greater loss! Lack of focus, missed opportunities, broken relationships… and the list goes on! 

Today, I encourage all of you to schedule your emergency visit, and get to the root of the issues!  Let go of the negativity that’s been hindering your progress! Appreciate what you’ve been given! Remember that everything happens for a reason, and worrying about the past won’t change it! Fear is debilitating, unforgiveness will kill you, and loneliness won’t last always! forgive, let go and move ON! 

Pray! Dig deep! Take a deep breath!

Like me, you will soon realize, that it is actually not as difficult as you thought!


The pain is gone :-)


Keep it stylish,



18 Nov


Wellness of body: Part 1

I’ve been committed to my Brick-house mindset for the past 6 years, with regards to health and fitness! Go Me!  Despite my commitment to workout,  I’ve never been too concerned about the food I ate until I met my man(<3)! I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted! Pizza hut, McDonald’s, KFC, an embarrassing amount of bread and butter (yum), cakes, cookies, Pepsi…and so much more! Morning, noon, and late at night! Not much fruit, hardly any vegetables, only the “good” stuff! It was such a blissful mess! I thought that I could eat what I wanted and just exercise to balance it… wrong! What we eat actually has more of an impact on our overall health and well-being! We really are, what we eat!

Changing my diet, has changed my life! I’ve incorporated more fruit and veggies into my diet, and have eliminated red meat, pork (except for bacon at brunch lol), and have significantly cut out processed foods!    I’ve become more organic in my food choices,  but you have to start somewhere!


Eating an apple a day is essential to keep the doctor away! I haven’t been sick in years! I use a whole apple in my oatmeal, and often transform my glass of wine into a luscious Sangria with the same (I like to keep things exciting)!  I also enjoy blueberries, blackberries, grapes, bananas, grapefruit, pineapples and the list goes on! And let’s not forget about the wide variety of vegetables and that good ole’ roughage! Leafy greens in salads, loads of kale in my juices, squash and red pepper stir fry…oh yes and  steamed broccoli with carrots! YUM!

I don’t know all of the statistics,  I just know how my body has fabulously responded to my dietary change! Improved digestion, increased energy, and just an overall wellness of body from the inside out! I still have a slice of cake and a piece of fried chicken every once in a while, but it is all in moderation! I dare you to give it a try! Challenge yourself over the next seven days to commit to eating a full serving of fruit and vegetables daily! Transform your diet, one step at a time, and watch how amazing you will feel!

ImageForSharing (5)

Happy #TransformationTuesday

Keep It Stylish,

StylReesta xo

Dream Over

10 Nov

Screenshot_2014-11-04-08-10-59-1-1A week ago, I lost one of my favorite affirmation bracelets.  I actually wasn’t surprised when I noticed it was missing.  You see the funny thing is that, almost exactly a month ago I made up in my mind to finally put 1 of my long-term goals into motion. I’d been talking, and dreaming about my future for years! It was only after having a “REAL”  heart-to-heart with my Father,  that I realized I was holding myself back! Simply put, I needed to get out of my own way ! So it only made sense that I could no longer wear this bracelet with the same connection and passion  as I once did before! The dream was over, it’s BEEN time for ACTION!

 Although I am not at liberty to discuss all the great things that are to come (all smiles), I do know that I lost that bracelet for a reason. As silly as this may sound, there was real significance behind it all! The time had come for me to let go of the “idea” of my dream, FOCUS* and FEARLESSLY put forth the effort to make it my REALITY

Some of you are in the same situation! You’ve been wanting and dreaming of doing things for a long while (Like legit for years). Let today be the day that you put the dreaming to rest, and use that same energy to actually Make it HAPPEN!

I feel like this is the start of something EXTRAORDINARY!



Monday Motivation:

“You already posses all you need to achieve your destiny, FOCUS” -Darnyelle A. Jervey, CEO of Incredible One Enterprises 

Also, check out this great article I found by James Clear on (Click and enjoy)


Keep it Stylish,




I Woke up like this…

23 Oct



Well, not really… but, my current pin curl routine gets me close to that flawless reality <3

Keeping my curls in tact is an absolutely must!  My hair is one of my most treasured assets, and I want to be sure  it looks  its best at all times (I occasionally have my moments)! One of the easiest ways for me to keep my curls popping with life and volume,  without all the fuss and damage of using the flatiron daily, is by using pin curls.

My pin curl routine has evolved since my first  hair post. I used to be a bobby-pin junkie; however, as my hair gets longer, bobby pins just aren’t sufficient. And actually they do more harm to my hair! I mean, with that tight grip to my hair follicles… can somebody say “Breakage”. So I’ve moved on to silver hair clips!

ImageForSharing (4)

Every night before bed*, I take a bit of coconut oil and apply to the thirsty ends of my hair!  I then take big sections, follow the curl pattern, and gently pin the curl in place.  The key to a great pin curl is simple: follow the curl pattern of the style! For me, I’ve been wearing a semi-swoop in my face toward the right side, so to maintain the integrity of my style, I pin my curls in that direction!  Simple!

My ultimate goal is simply to let me hair grow, and I’m learning to be very patient with this process!  

I’m in this for the long haul!


Keep it stylish,

Stylreesta xo 


 *I know this isn’t new to any of my sistahs out there, but wrapping your hair at night, with a SILK scarf, is soooo important! Make sure you are using 100% silk, as there are many posers out there that feel “silky”, but are made of 100% polyester!  Invest and protect!


“Here to Inspire”

1 Oct

The other day at work I stopped to chit-chat with one of the ladies who works across the way! She and I  discussed hair, fashion, and other “girly” things! I love talking about that kind of stuff, but the conversation became all too real when she asked about my blog! I was totally caught off guard, in a good way! I’ve mentioned my blog to her once before, but I had no idea that she ever paid that much attention to even remember! It was so refreshing! She went on to tell me that I inspire her!   Again, pleasantly caught off guard! I humbly thanked her for her support and kind words, and as I walked away something clicked! It was almost as if another piece of my life’s purpose had fallen into place, with the words  “Here to Inspire” written on it!  

I am not perfect, nor will I ever be!  I am flawed, fallible, and sometimes have a “spicy” attitude (that’s what my boyfriend tells me, hehe)! However, I now understand that I  must continue to do my best to uphold a standard of excellence with what I say and more importantly with what I do; being genuine and true to myself every step of the way!  

So I ask you,  do you operate with class, and excellence? Or do you cut corners and tear others down to get ahead?  If someone were to see how you operate would they be inspired, or would they look away in shame?  Assess your life. You decide! Remember,  someone is always watching! Why not give them something that energizes and encourages them along their journey?!


Keep it stylishly inspiring,

-StylReesta xo

Hair Chronicles: Update

10 Sep

Disclaimer: I am not a hair expert. I am just a fabulously resourceful girl, who needed to save some money, and learned how to care for her own hair :-)

So, I relaxed my hair!  Transitioning from relaxed to natural, was not for me at the time! I found myself putting more heat on my hair to straighten and style, only to have it all go to shambles when I walked out the door, due to  the humidity factor! I fought the good fight for nearly 10 months, and I had to do what was going to work best for my lifestyle!  

As everyone already knows, relaxed hair is much more fragile that your natural texture, therefore it is imperative that you take extra care!  I’m so pleased with how my hair is growing, and I just wanted to share with you a few of the products I’ve been using to care for my relaxed hair!


 1)Shampoo and Conditioner:  Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine shampoo and One’n Only Argon Oil moisture repair conditioner! These two together are great for me! The shampoo is super creamy and sulfate-free!  I don’t need much to get the job done! I focus primarily on my roots and gently work my way through the rest of my hair! I must admit washing my hair was so much easier when I had a snap full of length! Now that I am able to pull my hair into a project ponytail, I have to be more gentle, as to avoid breakage. I apply a very generous amount of this conditioner and rinse. I don’t let it sit in my hair for more than 3-5 mins. 


 2. Deep conditioner:  I’ve never been big on deep conditioners, like ever. Not because I didn’t like them, I just didn’t know how important they were to maintaining a healthy mane!  This Deep Repair Masque* is AMAZEBALLS!  I found out about this product from the Glamtwinz334, Kelsey and Kendra. (They have some of the best hair tutorials on their YouTube channel). This product is thick and creamy, so a little bit goes a long way! I apply to my hair,  paying acute attention to my ends, and leave it on for about 30-40 mins under a shower cap. Although my hair isn’t damaged, I like how it has helped to strengthen my hair. I guess you can say this is a preventative measure.


 3. Leave-in Conditioner: I love this product! This stuff right here, leaves my hair feeling strong and healthy.  Once I rinse out the deep conditioner, I shake and spray this Creme of Nature Strength and Shine leave-in all over my hair! The shine is evident once I blow dry. Truly magical! lol


4. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE: I’ve been preaching “moisture” to everyone who will listen!!!  Do you understand how important it is? When your hair is hydrated with the appropriate moisture (stay away from petroleum and mineral oil based products), it is stronger and  healthy length can be maintained. Dry hair is brittle. It breaks and crumbles (literally), leading to split ends and  damage! Forget about length, dry hair just won’t grow (in a healthy manner)! Trust me I know! I’m speaking from experience. Moisture is a vital component to maintaining healthy hair, whether relaxed or natural! I go for moisturizer in a more organic form.  I love this Coconut Oil from Whole Foods. To me it is lighter than olive oil. I apply a small amount to my hair once it is styled.  I also add a small amount to the ends of my hair every 2-3 days in the evening before wrapping my hair for bed.


 I am still on a journey to grow my hair out a bit more! We’ll see how long this lasts :-)

 Keep it stylish,


*The Macadamia Deep Repair masque retails for $29.99 at Target. However, on you can get it for $16.97. Crazy savings!  I went to the store, grabbed the product off the shelf,  took my happy self  to customer service and asked for a price match. I saved myself  the time, money, and the shipping charge! You can thank me later :-)


29 Aug

I Never thought I would be the one to fall head over heels for the midi skirt! As a self-proclaimed minimalist, and a fan of all things short and fitted, I often gave the cold shoulder to this  sprouting trend.  Nearly two months ago I gave in (especially since the price was RIGHT), and purchased this baby! I am happy to say that I’m a now a HUGE fan!


Black midi skirt with double side splits by Leith

 In the past two months, I’ve donned this skirt at least 6 if not 7 times!  I promise you each time I wear this skirt, there is such an uproar (in my own little world..haha)! People respond as if I’m wearing something brand new, when in reality I simply changed my blouse, modified my accessories, and puckered up a new lip color!



Blouse: H&M Necklace: Nordstrom


 As many of my fellow  fashionistas know,  it is not so much about what you wear, but HOW you wear it!  Nothing new! This is merely a reminder NOT to hold back from wearing your favorite item time and time again. Be creative! If you happened to be concerned about your next selfie (the struggle) or being photographed at an event,  save some money and let your “re-style” juices flow!   Give the crowd a reason to scream for an Encore, even if it is in your own little world <3


Blouse: H&M

Keep it stylish,



22 Aug

…You feel something shift in your life! You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you have this overwhelmingly indescribable feeling of purpose that bubbles up on the inside! In this moment, things don’t seem to bother you like they used to.  People’s opinions of you don’t carry much weight anymore. You’re finally discovering what it means to pursue your purpose, by any means necessary! You’re inhibitions begin to fall by the wayside. You’re flying, soaring like an eagle!  Unstoppable!

Do you dream of this moment? Are you ready for the shift? Then go for it!! Don’t  wait for this moment to happen… CREATE it!  Do you know how powerful your words are?  SPEAK over your life and watch things begin to shift!   You’ll find yourself MOVING from one place to the next! Step by step, getting closer and closer to that place of purpose!   

Today, I encourage you to embrace the shift. Speak it into existence, write your vision, and make it clear!  Be specific, and don’t hold back!   Whether you are an aspiring designer, stylist, doctor, lawyer, Entrepreneur, personal trainer, writer, or even an aspiring consultant (speaking to myself)…go after that things with all you’ve got!

I am thoroughly convinced that God has created us to live a life of purpose! When you submit and depend on Him,  you will begin to realize that there is absolutely, positively nothing that can stop you <3

 Shift, and Keep it stylish,


ME, Myself, and the “SNOB”

7 Aug

After years of thinking that lip color is just for my special occasions, I’ve finally come into my own and have embraced wearing lipstick DAILY! Yes, me!  I’ve realized that a little color goes such a long way, and adds the perfect touch of femininity!  I will admit it was a process, but here are a few tips that have helped me along the way! 

The Snob

Me, Myself, and the “SNOB”

1 Finding the right shade is a process. Make it fun, and give yourself time to experiment. There is nothing worse than trying something new, moments before you have to leave for work or a big event!  You rush,  only to find out you don’t like it! So I say,  set an at-home Spa Day, pamper yourself, and test some colors! Take a few selfies while you’re at it! And guess what?   If you don’t like the color, you can  try something different. The key is to find what works for you, when you’re not pressed for time.

ImageForSharing (3)

But first, let me take a #Selfie

2. Test before you invest: I am not big on wasting money! And given that many high end lipsticks cost anywhere from $16 and up, it was important for me to find the shade I liked before making the investment. I purchased a few Covergirl shades and tested them for a week. Once I saw that the color worked for me, I took my happy self  to MAC (lol), found the “dupe” for the color I liked, and recycled my 6 empty containers!  Can somebody say “Free”! (Dupes pictured below*)


MAC’s “SNOB” vs Covergirl Liperfection Lipcolor in “Delicious”*

3. Lip liner is essential:  Lip liner, helps to define the lips, and helps to keep your lipstick in place.  A quick tip I picked up from a Chanel cosmetics rep: After you line your lips, fill in your entire lip with the lip pencil before applying your lipstick. This will help your lip color to last longer. This also gives you the option to customize the tint of your lip color.  So Fun!

I’m sure there are millions of tips to share, these are just the few I’ve embraced as a lipcolor “newbie”! I’m always open to new idea, so feel free to share and comment below <3

Keep it stylish,





6 Aug

It has definitely been quite a while!  So much has happened over the past few months (lots of good ^_^), and I am back to share!  First, let me just say that I’ve totally missed this; sharing my thoughts with you.  My love of the “key tap” has been neglected far too long, but I am back and it feels great to tap away!  Thank you to all of you who visit my site, and read my words! it means so much to me.  I have some new projects in the works.  Just know you will not be disappointed!


Keep living and Loving; Embracing what you love and doing what makes you happy!

I know I am :-)


(#PhotoCred —> the One and Only AD <3)


garder élégant,

StylReesta  xo


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